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      The primary purpose of our office is to provide lifelong education. 

      With supportfrom the regular faculty,   we establish the continuing education programs,such as         on-job continuing education and courses with credits based extension programs, etc.

    This office is composed of three divisions: the division of academic affairs, the division of student        affairs, and the division of general affairs. All of which have been set up to serve the entire faculty      and student body in their various capacities.

  (2)Office Duty

     Recording and administering the upper-two-year four- year undergraduateB.S.  two-year             graduate M.S grades and academic records,Taishan Citizens' College courses.

     Academic administration, registration, reporting, and issuing of certificates for all undergraduate        levels. 

      Drafting each year's academic calendar for the school.

     Administration of the undergraduate entrance exams.

     Guidance of students' college life and counseling assistance.

     Student extracurricular activity assistance.

     Offering practical-oriented curricula to meet students' professional demands.


 Office of Continuing and Extension Education

    Tel: 886-2-29089899 ext 4251


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