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Members and Contacts

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C.D. Jerry Chang
Tel.:886-2-9089899 ext. 4251
E-mail: cdchang@mail.mcut.edu.tw 
Chen-Shane Chu(Open new window)
Wei-Tai Weng
Section Leader of Teaching Affairs
Tel.:886-2-9089899 ext. 4242
E-mail: wtweng@mail.mcut.edu.tw 
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Ren-Hui Yang
(Teaching Affairs)
Tel.:886-2-9089899 ext. 4243
E-mail: jhyang@mail.mcut.edu.tw
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Da-Wei Sha
Student leader
Head of the Academic Affairs Team
Tel.:886-2-9089899 ext. 4304
E-mail: e000048673@mail.mcut.edu.tw
Hui-Yuan Tu(Open new window)
Hui-Yuan Tu 
Clerk (Student Affairs)
Tel.:886-2-9089899 ext. 4253